Differences between Clear and Ceramic Braces

Choosing the right dental braces is a tedious task. If metal braces are not your preferred option, the choice narrows down to invisible braces.

Invisible braces include Invisalign and Ceramic braces. Clear braces are a form of Ceramic braces. These braces are invisible and are available in three types, plastic, porcelain and ceramic.  

Clear braces look like plastic braces. They are a bit similar to Invisalign

Differences between Clear and Ceramic Braces

clear ceramic braces

clear ceramic braces (image source)

Ceramic and clear braces have similarities in the procedure, aesthetic look, durability, and application. But differ in cost. They are a reasonably expensive type of ceramic braces. In the past, clear braces plagued, despite worked effectively in teeth alignment but led to enamel and tooth damage.

Clear braces are often used interchangeably as ceramics and Invisalign. Many prefer ceramic braces to hide the visibility of brackets. 

Clear braces are almost invisible. There is a minor difference between less visible and invisible. Although ceramics are comfortable, clear braces made from plastic gives extra comfort.

  • If the color of your teeth is white, you can opt for clear braces.
  • If the color of your teeth is towards dark or yellow, you can opt for tooth-colored ceramic braces.

These braces won’t be suitable for conventional procedures. For severe teeth alignment problems, clear braces are not an ideal choice. 

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