Ceramic Braces Vs Metal Braces and their Differences

Ceramic Braces Vs Metal Braces and their Differences

Dental braces are versatile to cover different forms of alignment. It makes the best solution for all ages, from kids to adults. You decide to wear brace. What’s next? Choose the right type of brace.  All types of braces are same, yet there are some features which marks major differences.  When you choose to wear braces, two choices come obvious. The major clash is between ceramic brace and metal brace.

Traditional braces made of metals have evolved over decades. These are made from high quality stainless steel. It has metal brackets attached to tooth using cement.

Ceramic braces have translucent element, made from aluminum oxide. It is made of aluminum compounds, which is clear, non porous and strong.

Ceramic Braces Vs Metal Braces – Common Attributes

Ceramic braces Vs Metal Braces

Ceramic braces Vs Metal Braces

Teeth misalignment occurs due to many reasons.

  • In some case, your jaws may not meet
  • In some cases, teeth misalignment could be due to inheritance.
  • In worst cases, it could result from any injury.
  • Poor dental hygiene and accidental loss of tooth, also causes misalignment of teeth.

Regardless of the root cause, dental braces come as savior.

There are many orthodontic treatment that corrects those bad bites.  Dental brace is an orthodontic treatment that can make a huge difference. Your orthodontist may prescribe dental braces as the best bet.

These braces apply pressure and realign the teeth.  Whether you choose ceramic brace or metal brace, it works. It makes the ideal treatment for any type of teeth alignment problem.

The technique and procedure to fix the dental braces also remain the same. Arch wire connects brackets (Ceramic / metal) and tied with a ligature. Usually the procedure takes around 1 to 3 hours.

These are the common features that both ceramic and metal braces share. It serves the purpose of wearing brace.

The differences arise in terms of duration of treatment, post treatment care, maintenance, visits to your dentist, and cost.

Ceramic Braces Vs Metal Braces

Ceramic Brace Vs Metal Brace – Differences


Ceramic braces stand out from other types of braces for one major reason.

The major difference between ceramic and metal brace is visibility. Many prefer the ceramic counterparts over traditional metals for this specific reason.

Ceramic brackets go unnoticeable. It blends with the color of the teeth. It comes in dual shades, white colored and tooth colored brackets. Until you show the braces, it is less obvious. Ceramic helps you stay comfortable. You can even get the arch wire in translucent color.

But, Metal brackets are noticeable. This could be kind of awkward moments for many especially teenagers to speak or smile with brackets. Besides, the clear visibility of braces prevents them from going for teeth alignment. Metal braces come in different colors. Kids can have fun in choosing colored metals.

Less noticeable makes ceramic the most preferred type of braces.

Smaller brackets

Ceramic brackets are versatile. These brackets have smaller brackets when compared to Metal Braces. It occupies less space. It doesn’t cover your front teeth. While it looks invisible and small, it is strong and resilient.

No Stain

Stained braces look awkward than Metal Braces. No stain is yet another major advantage of Ceramic brackets. The material has resistance to stain and discoloration. So, it lasts longer without any stain. However, the ligatures are prone to stains. Proper dental care and hygiene is important to prevent from staining.

Metal braces react to certain foods which causes stain in teeth. When you choose metal counterparts, you should avoid foods that cause stains. For instance, cola, tea, caffeine, wine, tobacco, dark pigmented foods etc.

Duration of Treatment

Ceramic brackets need more time to align your teeth. It means the duration of treatment is longer. It takes a bit longer than metal braces to fix your teeth. However, duration of treatment varies due to other factors also.

With Metal Braces, the amount of time, you wear braces is less. There is less friction between wire and teeth in metal braces. It enables teeth to move quickly and set in place. Metal braces come with heat activated ligatures. It uses the body heat to align the teeth. Duration of treatment reduces as the teeth settles quickly.

Maintenance and Post Care

Both type of braces cause mild to moderate discomfort soon after treatment. However, the duration varies from 2 to 4 weeks.

Ceramics are light and invisible. It causes mild numbness, no pain and low irritation. In 2 to 4 weeks you feel no difference.

Metal Braces cause moderate discomfort. It leads to irritation. Another major discomfort of metal braces is, the metallic taste. Until 4 weeks to 2 months, you may feel that mild metallic taste in your taste buds. Nonetheless, in a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks, you get used to braces.

Replacement and Number of Visits

While Ceramic brackets are durable and stronger than enamel, the ligatures need more care. As mentioned earlier, it is prone to stains and discoloration. It may also crack and injure the gums. In any such case, replacement is the only option. Besides, damage to ligatures needs replacement. It increases the cost of braces and number of visits to your dentist. On a straight note, ceramics braces need more visits to orthodontist than metal braces.

Be it any type of brace, periodic visit to orthodontist is necessary. It makes vast difference in number of visits.

Type of alignment

People, who have severe misalignment of teeth or need extensive treatment, should go for metal braces. There are few dental procedures that your dentist may not perform with ceramic braces. In case of severe dental problems your physician recommends metal braces.


Cost is a major deciding factor. Ceramic brackets are expensive. It almost costs two times higher than metal counterparts. The cost of elements used in ceramics is high. In addition, the maintenance cost, scheduled visits to your physician also costs more. In some countries, insurance cover the cost of treatment for metal braces.

Metal braces are affordable. It doesn’t break. The risk of crack is very low. Even replacement cost is low.

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