Ceramic Braces Vs Invisalign – Which one to choose?

When you decide to wear braces, what do I choose?, becomes a primary concern. For aesthetic reasons and less visibility, many prefer ceramic braces.  Hopefully many who knew braces also knew Invisalign.

Both of them serve same purpose, with a slight difference in their appearance, comfort and expense. This is the reason we see a tight competition between braces and Invisalign.

As you are looking to get your teeth straightened, You should choose something that will straighten your teeth and would not trouble you to run to your orthodontist every now and then to fix your teeth.

So, Which is effective? Which is affordable? Should I choose Invisalign or ceramic braces? Let’s discuss it below.

Basics – Ceramic Braces Vs Invisalign

ceramic braces vs invisalign

ceramic braces vs invisalign (image source: oyangendmd.com)

The main purpose of braces as well as Invisalign is to improve/straighten your teeth, enhance your smile and oral health.

Braces have been in use about half a century. Use of Invisalign becomes prevalent from 2000.

Ceramic Braces have tiny brackets made of aluminum oxide. It’s glued on the teeth, tired by arch wire, secured with a band. You can get ceramic brackets close to the color of your teeth. It is less visible on the teeth.

Invisalign are naturally designed to look invisible. It looks like a tray. These are made of BPA free plastic. It is soft, comforting and subtle on teeth. It is easily worn on teeth.

Differences between Ceramic Braces & Invisalign

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