Ceramic Braces Reviews

a. Ceramic Braces For Crowding

This is the second time, I am having braces. I wore retainers as a teen for a few months. However, it gradually shifted back. I found myself odd to smile. I decided to go for aligners again. I have rotated teeth and was looking for appropriate braces. After brainstorming, I decided to settle with ceramic braces. These braces don’t look horrible. Moreover, I can see it makes best bet for crowding.

Ceramic Braces Reviews

Ceramic braces reviews

Ceramic braces reviews (image source)

b. Better than Invisalign

When I decide to wear braces, I had hard time choosing between ceramic and Invisalign. Metal braces were not in my choices. Read a lot of testimonials and reviews. I noticed Invisalign took more time than the time promised. Moreover, I won’t be able to cut down on my coffee for long. With no regrets, ceramic braces worked effectively.

c. Cleaning is the only problem

I am wearing ceramic braces for more than two months now. It was my doctor, who suggested ceramics. I had gaps in between teeth. Even I was surprised to see the differences in one and a half months. I noticed dramatic change in the upper teeth. Pretty much comfortable.

d. Noticeably messed up teeth, getting aligned

My teeth were noticeably messed up. I wanted to straighten the teeth and smile, for longer as I could remember. I badly needed dental work, yet couldn’t afford for a while. There was a risk that I could end up losing my teeth. Finally, I made it to an orthodontist. After diagnosis, I opted for ceramic braces, although I was advised that treatment duration may extend than conventional braces. It’s almost 6 months now, I can see the difference.

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