Cost of Ceramic Braces

Cost of Ceramic Braces

People who choose to straighten their teeth opt for ceramic braces over other metals. as they feel comfortable wearing ceramic brackets for its comfortability level, unnoticed appearance and free from stain. However, cost of ceramic braces is one of the main considerations.

Are ceramic braces expensive? With no doubt, Ceramic braces cost more than traditional ones.

Cost of Ceramic Braces

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Why are Ceramic Braces Expensive?

There are two factors that makes ceramic braces expensive.

1. High cost of materials used in brackets

2. Cost of maintenance

Among the different types of metal brackets, plastic and ceramic braces are expensive.

Most of the traditional braces are affordable but noticeable. Though, Ceramic braces too use same components used in metal braces while giving a pleasing appearance. The only major difference is the type of metal used for brackets. These brackets are clear. They come in two colors, white and tooth colored ceramic. These braces blend with teeth and less visible. The type of metal makes it expensive.

Ceramic braces are less visible in your mouth. They doesn’t make you look awkward. The arch wire that connects the brackets also looks translucent. Unless someone takes a good look at you, it goes unnoticeable.

Kids don’t feel that metallic taste in their mouth. Teens do not hide or isolate themselves from showing off the metallic brace. Adults can look even more professional with clear braces. All these comforts have a price. It comes from the metal used in brackets and it’s maintenance.

What makes Ceramic Braces expensive?

1. Cost of raw materials

2. High Maintenance cost

3. Regular visits to dentist increases the cost of maintenance

4. Brackets are stronger than enamel. It may damage your enamel and forces you to visit the orthodontist

5. Treatment time is longer

6. Stained materials need replacement

7. Brands

Alumina and Zirconia are the two types of material used in ceramic brackets. Cost of these materials is high compared to ones used in traditional brackets.

Ceramic braces are not one time investment to straighten your teeth. It needs a lot of maintenance. It involves scheduled visits to your orthodontist at regular intervals.

Ceramic brackets don’t stain. They are resistant to color and fading. The brackets used are usually stronger than your teeth. Those who wear these braces must restrict the choice of foods to avoid stains.  Nonetheless, the ligatures and arch wire are prone to stains. It calls for proper maintenance.

It is difficult to clear the stain from ligature. The only option left is removing the ligatures and realignment once in a while. Stained ligatures make braces visible and awkward. Thus, fails to meet the purpose of choosing ceramic braces. They also needs replacement once in a while.

Periodic visit to dentists for repair and maintenance costs more. Usually, the treatment takes longer time than with the traditional braces. Longer is the treatment, higher is number of visits to dentists. Ceramic brackets need special attention and care to reduce maintenance cost.

Orthodontist does not follow any fixed charges for maintenance or diagnosis. They are free to set their prices.

Based on the brands, the cost of braces varies.

Average cost of Ceramic Braces

In UK, if you choose ceramic braces, you should pay for cost of braces as well as private treatment. National Health Scheme covers metal braces treatment for kids and teens.

There are special dental insurance plans available in US for Ceramic Braces. Make sure to check the maximum limit, type of coverage and annual limit covered in the policy.

Here is the list of popular brands and average cost of ceramic braces in UK and US.

According to a national survey, the average cost of braces, estimates at $4900 for kids and $5400 for adults.

Reference :

Cost of branded ceramic braces in India range from INR 45,000 to INR 90,000.

Over all the Average Price of Metal braces costs between $2500 to $5000, whereas Ceramic braces costs between $4000 to $7000.

If you are not sure about type of brace to choose, consult with your orthodontist.

Now, let’s have a look at the price ranges of Ceramic braces in all major cities of few countries around the world.

Cost of Ceramic Braces in all major Cities


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