Ceramic Braces Before and After Treatment

Ceramics braces are a popular choice among teens and adults. It gives an aesthetic appeal and makes a comfortable wear. Made of high quality aluminum oxide, it blends in teeth.

Adults who need teeth alignment hesitates to wear braces for a major reason, it looks obvious. Unlike metal counterparts, ceramic is less noticeable. These braces come in two colors, teeth color and white color. The major benefit of ceramic brace is it looks translucent. It is hardly visible.

Ceramic brackets differ from other materials only in a few aspects. The techniques involved, treatment procedure and how it works, remain same. Regardless of type of teeth misalignment, these braces straighten teeth without compromise. You can wear the braces with comfort. It makes no change in the way you look throughout the treatment period. You can smile with confidence with ceramic braces.

Ceramic Braces Before and After Treatment

Ceramic braces before and after

Ceramic braces before and after (image source)

Let us see how this Ceramic braces helped Arina a college student to boost confidence and bring back her smile.

Arina had been aware about her front teeth. She had braces in her childhood. Her teeth moved out of alignment and her wire became loose. She removed the braces. So, her front teeth moved out of alignment. She became conscious about her appearance. In her teen, she felt her teeth is crooked, and is noticeable.

When she speaks, when she smiles, her confidence reduced. And she did not want to go for obvious metal braces. She wanted to get teeth alignment treatment. However, her decision is to go discreet. Although she had misaligned and crooked teeth, her teeth are pale yellow in color.

When she searched for less visible treatment options, she found ceramic braces. After consulting with her orthodontist, she opted for ceramic brace treatment. She chose to wear tooth colored braces. She was happy with aesthetic appearance of the braces. She decides to go with upper and lower braces. They were hardly visible. Besides, her orthodontist chooses the translucent arch wire.

She had the treatment for about 13 months. In 7 to 8 months, she removed the lower line braces. She is happy and smile confidently.

Orthodontist notes on her treatment:  

  • Resolved space deficiency in both upper and lower teeth
  • Occlusion established
  • Alignment of midlines in both upper and lower teeth
  • Bonded retainers placed in upper and lower teeth

List of teeth Misalignments that Ceramic braces address:

Ceramic braces treat all types of dental alignment problems, from complex to simple concerns.

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Cross bite, under bite, overbite
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Protruding teeth

The duration of how long you should wear ceramic braces, varies. It depends based on type of misalignment. There are certain conditions where ceramic brackets don’t support. Ceramics are stronger than enamel, which may hinder subsequent treatment. For severe dental problems, orthodontist doesn’t recommend ceramics. Ceramic braces are suitable for all ages.

Wearing ceramic brackets make no difference in your appearance. The pictures of ceramic braces, before and after, show the magnificent transformation in teeth alignment.

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